February 11, 2019

What is the Franklin Method?

What is the Franklin Method?
The Franklin Method (FM) ® is mind-body training without a form attached to it. What exactly does that mean? When you think of mind body training, it is usually affiliated with a form, such as yoga, Pilates, dance, etc. Because of this, choreography of the form is often where the mind is trained to focus, rather than its fundamental pairing with the body. The whole idea of mind body training is to discover that certain ways of thinking while moving are more useful than others. The FM trains your mind to discover, and most importantly, to experience, the way your body is designed to move. This practice of experiencing the design of your body is called embodiment. Once you embody your body’s design, the functional movements you do on a daily basis, or within the form you have chosen to study, become healthier and easier. Let’s face it, if you use anything how it is designed to be used, it works better and lasts longer.
How does the FM train your mind? One of its most effective tools is movement related dynamic imagery. During a FM teacher training you learn a four-step process that trains your mind to discover a more effective, but effortless way of moving. Dynamic imagery is a scientifically proven way to change your movement, and it is always with you, and therefore, easily accessible, and inexpensive!
As part of a FM teacher training, you will learn the fundamentals of biomechanics, posture, and breathing. You will be taught cueing skills for successful and enjoyable teaching, making this method relevant to whatever form you teach. Using FM balls and bands you will experience a series of exercises that are effective for training functional movement and are also really fun!
Learning the FM will allow you to experience a change toward an improved sense of well being, and if you’re a teacher, you can convey this to your students. FM, also known as Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI) ™ is used in scientific papers presented around the world documenting the effectiveness of this systematic approach for movement and postural change retraining.
If you are a teacher of movement, or someone who doesn’t teach, but is interested in learning a way of life that is focused on experiencing ease and freedom in movement for improved health, then the FM teacher training is for you! The next Level 1 Teacher Training in the United States is in Milwaukee, WI starting June 2019. Go to www.franklinmethod.com and click on the “Teacher Training/Workshops” tab for more information. You can also contact me, Debby Orlando, Owner, Park View Pilates, LLC at 414.640.2253