Success Stories

Kaitlyn Branchaw

Advanced Teacher Training Program Graduate

When I sat down for my first Pilates teacher training workshop with Debby Orlando, she opened the session by saying "Pilates helps you do the rest of your life better." I couldn't appreciate the significance of those words at the time, but now as an instructor, this is exactly what I want to help clients understand.

Debby is a master of her craft. Her passion for healthy movement transforms the bodies...and consequently the lives...of those who work with her. Her sound anatomical understanding of the body and movement, rooted in her study of the Franklin Method, is infused in her practice of Pilates, and her clients are all the better for it. Debby is committed to her clients and believes in their ability to transform. As her student, I often found myself in awe at just how far she could take her clients, whether they came to her with pre-surgery or post-operational conditions-she helped people move in ways that were initially inconceivable to both the clients and myself.

My own journey with Debby was life-changing. With her keen eye, creative and effective approach to teaching, and intuitive instruction, I transformed my body in a short eight months. I tapped into a deeper strength than I ever knew I had, and I inherited a passion for movement that will continue for all of my years ahead. With Pilates in my life, I am more balanced, grounded, and happy. I will forever be grateful to Debby for sharing her gift with me. I can only hope to share it with those that I teach in my lifetime.

Joy Letourneau

Advanced Teacher Training Program Graduate

I first began working with Debby Orlando as a client and later, as a student. From the very first lesson, I was immediately placed at ease by her calm demeanor, and astonished by her ability to read and understand my body’s needs. Debby’s approach to Pilates is unique; she combines the classical work of Joseph Pilates with the fundamental movement work of Eric Franklin, distilling each exercise down to its essence. This makes each exercise easier to understand and to perform. Despite the simplicity, there is still an inherent challenge within each exercise, and to perform them to the fullest expression requires a great deal of control, both physical and mental, making for a very fulfilling, on-going experience.

Debby truly invests in my progress and shares her knowledge freely. Instead of simply telling me how to move, she partners with me, asking me to take ownership of my movement, encouraging me to work deeply and truly engage my mind with my body. I have not only gained strength, flexibility, and control, I have a keener awareness of my body’s potential and my ability to harness it.

As a Master Teacher, Debby gives the same exceptional level of commitment to her students as she does to her clients. Under her tutelage, I have become well-versed in the classical Pilates Method, anatomy and human movement. And with her support and encouragement, I have gained confidence in my ability to assess and assist people in finding relief from postural faults and improper movement. Finally, through her student-centered approach to teaching, I have discovered my own unique way of communicating and sharing the work. My journey as a student of The Pilates Center’s Advanced Teacher Training Program has profoundly changed me on many levels. It has deepened my passion for Pilates and my commitment to helping others live fuller lives through the practice of Pilates.