Teacher Training

Park View Pilates is one of the few Pilates studios worldwide that is licensed to offer teacher training through the internationally renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado. Park View Pilates is a private post-graduate school and is approved by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board.

Teaching the Art of Teaching:

The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program is the most respected, comprehensive, and intensive program of its kind in the world. We teach students classical Pilates and provide in-depth review of every exercise on every piece of equipment.

Why join the Pilates Center Teacher Training Program?

For more than 20 years The Pilates Center has been teaching the art of teaching and aspiring Pilates students. We provide detailed instruction on how to teach at all levels of difficulty and for all body types, developing all the skills necessary to be a safe, effective, and inspiring teacher.

The program was developed under the direction of Romana Kryzanowska, heir to the work of Joseph Pilates, and has been refined to include perspectives of two other Pilates elders-Kathy Stanford Grant and Eve Gentry. By combining each of these perspectives, we are able to further delve into understanding the original intention and philosophy behind the exercises that Joseph Pilates created.

Programs Offered:

  • Advanced 950 hour program
  • Intermediate 450 hour program
  • Intermediate Plus 600 hour program
  • Bridge 500 hour program

Application process (click here for application form)

Please direct any questions to Debby Orlando, Director of Education, Park View Pilates, LLC 414.640.2253; debby@parkview-pilates.com